About Pete Robertson

His passion is Jesus!

Pete is a visionary and has a passion to see God’s people discipled and their ministry multiplying disciples. He believes that God desires each and every believer to fulfill their calling of discipleship in whatever capacity he or she has been gifted in. He believes that we are all created equal and that no person is better or worse in God’s eyes. His heart is to see people trust Jesus in every aspect of their lives and to realize that with God’s strength we are all capable of doing so much more than we imagine.

Pete is a man that is radically on fire for Jesus, his passion for Christ is always on display and he desires to see everyone around him radically on fire for Jesus as well. Passive people many times don’t engage the enemy and Pete believes that we are to be warriors for Christ and ready in prayer to battle Satan in the spirit whenever circumstances or opposition arises. He believes that Satan has gained too much ground and it’s time for God’s Holy people to love, to see others as Jesus sees them, and to take back what God has given us.

His ministry

Pete was called into ministry after school and began his journey as a Youth Pastor for 9 years. He was then later called to plant his first church in St George, Utah in 2002. Pete’s background comes from being brought up in Calvary Chapel, under the teaching ministry of Pastor Chuck Smith. Pastor Chuck’s teaching chapter by chapter, verse by verse has taught Pete to learn the whole Bible in context and to let the Bible speak for itself.

Pete has a great zeal for God’s word and it is expressed in his daily life and his teachings. He’s very relational with both the young and more mature Christian. Pete has been given a burden to see people live in the freedom of Christ; his teachings offer simple tools on how every Christian can live victoriously in every moment. His excitement for missions and discipleship is always at the forefront of his day-to-day ministry. Pete is a dedicated disciple-maker with Natural Discipleship and trains Pastors in the art of multiplication on weekly basis.

He has traveled a lot with missions over the years to Peru, India, and different parts of Africa. In fact, most of the Pastors he trains in Natural Discipleship are from these regions. He also hosts a weekly Christian Discipleship Podcast called RIOT Podcast with 2 other Pastors. Together, they have a worldwide listening audience of over 30k people.

Pete & Christine’s Business

Pete and His wife Christine have owned and operated a marketing/social media branding company since 1998. Within the past year, they have been slowly closing that business as a result of God opening up new doors. Part of Pete’s testimony is how God has used the business as a tent ministry. He first started his business to help offset expenses from his Youth Pastor’s salary. He was able to use his business revenue to support his family while using the salary given to him by the church to invest back into the youth ministry. That has been Pete’s model for most of his ministry life. Currently, together with his wife, they run and operate a Gaming Development company and a Travel Tour company that sends churches to places like the Holy Land and Footsteps of Paul Tours. They also organize mission trips for churches.

  • www.blenzabigames.com
  • www.mttfaith.com
  • www.missiontraveltours.com

RIOT Podcast

The R.I.O.T. Podcast aka “Righteous Invasion of Truth” is a fun-loving upbeat weekly Christian Discipleship Podcast. Hosted by two Pastors, Pete, Barry and Bob from Orlando, FL. This powerful Podcast will boost your day and spiritual growth with relevant conversations on today’s hot topics. We also have practical discussions on “how-to” topics, as well as concrete wisdom on how to see the news from Gods eyes and how to answer Faith’s hardest questions. At the heart of the RIOT Podcast is a desire to see God’s children grow closer to Jesus, their love for Jesus and people will immediately be felt when people listen to them.


His blog

Pete is also a blogger. He loves to express his thoughts and share them with the world.

Lately he hasn’t written much because most of his thoughts are now expressed through RIOT Podcast. His past posts give context to his heart and he desires to continue blogging in the future.