Can you be gay and a follower of Jesus?

This post was written by Pete

As a follower of Jesus’ teaching the question has been asked of me of what my point of view is on people being gay in general, and when pressed further can people be gay and a follower of Jesus. Over the past year I have had many thoughts about this subject, with most of them challenging. Many times I found my focus trying to make sense of it in my mind, which was hard to do for myself not being a gay man. As I mediated, on this topic there were times when I found myself as one of those individual’s that would have a condemning spirit. I made claims as if I was certain of the answer, when in reality I was just prideful. I realized that only God knows best and that I should leave the thinking to Him. I discovered that defining Gods best in our lives is different for all of us. I have come to the realization that God deals with each and every one of us at a certain level where we can understand Him personally. In the book of Romans chapter 14, it talks about how each one of us is at a different stage of understanding of the things of God. It teaches us that we are to show grace and mercy to everyone, knowing that we all fall short and are in need of Gods great grace. So, after being humbled, I realized I must look at this subject in the eyes of God’s Grace and as far away from my own interpretations and feelings as possible.

So, for me to answer the question about what my point of view is on people being gay, it’s a very hard thing for me to do because, I do not have one. When people want me to answer questions like ‘should gay marriages be legal? Can you be a Christian and be gay? Are you born gay or is it your choice to be gay? Or is being gay a sin and can a gay man or women get into heaven? My answer is that it does not matter to me if you’re gay, straight, a mass murderer, or a saint. The Jesus that I have come to discover and know personally is one that loves each and every single one of us the same and that His Grace is sufficient for all. Jesus and the Apostles’ teachings were designed to show us how we can have a relationship with Him. He and the Apostles make numerous proclamations with this always in mind. Jesus is God and lived a perfect life here on this earth, so that we can see what it looks like to be one with the Father. Jesus’ sole purpose was to bring salvation to everyone and to lay out a road map to show us how we can experience His great love. He taught us to see each person as His Father sees them and that is always with love. His desire is that everyone would come to know Him as Lord and Savior.

Jesus was never about condemning someone. His teachings were always about how someone can draw ever closer to the Father, so that the Father would draw close to them. He always said ‘I do not do anything that I have not seen my father do already’. By this statement, He was showing us that we are sinners and that we are not perfect. It makes us realize that we are all in need of a Savior. Guilt is a constant ringing in people’s lives, as they realize that they make mistakes every day as they try to do whatever they can to fix their mistakes. This cycle goes on and on through life. when someone finally truly finds the Jesus of the Bible, they then find the answer(s) to their guilt. That answer is, Jesus paid it all on the cross, and when they believe in Him that guilt is taken away and all their sins are now forgiven.

So, how do I explain the teachings of the Bible where it says ‘you cannot be gay and enter into heaven’? Or a better question is “Do I believe what the Bible says in ‘that being a homosexual you will not inherit the kingdom of God???? The answer is yes. I believe the Bible does say that. I cannot take out what the Bible says. So by me saying that “I believe the Bible says that???, many people will take that to be my stance on homosexuality and I would say, “you are wrong.??? I believe Gods desire is that all people come into a relationship with Him that is real and intimate. I believe what the Bible says when it states “that He will meet us where we are in life and love us the exact same as anybody else.??? I believe, if someone is a professing Christian and gay and they read this, they will interpret this according to where God is meeting them at that moment in time. God’s desire is to love us period; and as we experience His love, our journey in life will change and our attitude towards God will change. We will desire to be more like Him every day. Gods great Grace covers us in whatever situation we are in and I can interpret scripture today one way and totally different another day. I believe Gods desire is that He uses all seasons of our lives to draw us unto Him. As a follower of Jesus, I now understand it’s never about me, but it’s always about Him.

If God desires for me to interpret scripture a certain way, He understands where I am at and I now understand His Grace will cover me in that interpretation. If God desires me to change in my knowledge and understanding of Him, then He will be the one changing me from the inside out. He will be the one closing doors and opening new opportunities. I think the real questions are, “Am I willing to fall in love with Jesus every day? Am I willing to know Him intimately and follow after Him with everything I do? Am I willing to see people, no matter who they are, as He sees them? Am I willing to pick up my cross and serve and sacrifice my life as He did? Whether you are gay or straight these are the true questions we as believers should be asking. Not questioning my stance on something other than Gods love, my stance on any issue really has no merit and who really cares anyway. I can teach Gods word the best I can based off of the understanding in which God has given me. I am convinced that no matter where we are at in our understanding of this topic about being Gay, God loves you the same as everybody else. His word is there so that we can understand His love greater and He desires to be glorified in your life. Making a stance for or against something other than loving and treating the person as Christ does, is in my opinion, a waste of time.

I for one feel like Paul, the chief sinner of all and know that I have enough issues on my own staying Holy as it is. My stance on any subject will not get me into heaven, only my love for the Father and my obedience to follow after Him. So no matter whom you are, I choose to see you as Christ see’s you and that is with much love, much grace and much forgiveness. You might be adamant about your stance and feel called to make your stance known to everyone, which is fine with me. Where I am at on this journey, at this moment in time, I simply cannot make it my job to convince someone, one way or the other, that is Gods responsibility. No matter what I say or believe makes no difference, because it’s always about Him and it never is about me. He is the author and finisher of my faith. My only purpose is to see a person like Jesus does. Not debate them in a stance that they are taking because it will cause people to possibly respond with an emotion not favorable with peace. Jesus loved me so much that He sacrificed all for me and didn’t care what my stance was. He showed me love beyond my understanding and because of that; I want to do the same to all people. I believe if people are gay they can come to Jesus just as they are, you don’t have to change yourself and you could not even if you tried. You are who you are and if you desire to experience forgiveness and Gods great love, you can and if change happens in your life it had nothing to do with you, but everything to do with Him.

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