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Natural Discipleship is FREE Disciple Making Movement, 9-Step Curriculum that everyone can use.

The Natural Discipleship Platform is a conversational format, not a presentation. The discipler and disciplee go through the material together by reading it out loud while discussing the questions presented to them. Each step in Natural Discipleship is strategically designed to help walk the discipler and disciplee through the training process. Natural Discipleship is set up in such a way that the Holy Spirit does THE HEAVY LIFTING. The disicpler and disciplee can have limited knowledge of the bible and still take someone through the material.

Natural Discipleship is geared towards creating a movement of multiplication not addition form of teaching like other discipleship programs. Multiplication is Training Trainers. Addition is teaching. Multiplication involves modeling and step by step instruction using transferable resources.

Let’s say you choose the addition model to do discipleship and you were an incredibly gifted evangelist that God used to lead 3,000 people a day to Christ. According to the standards of today, you would be considered to have a very successful ministry. But if the world’s population did not increase, it would take you 5,000 years to win the whole world to Jesus by yourself.

With multiplication, what if the Holy Spirit worked in you to bring just one person to Christ and you spent a full year helping them to get rooted and grounded in the faith through NATURAL DISCIPLESHIP. Then, you trained them with transferable concepts that they could use with someone else, and they took the next year to do the same thing as you discipled someone else. Through multiplication, you could win and disciple over 1,000 people in ten years and it would then be mathematically possible to reach the population of the whole world in 35 years. Natural Discipleship works best when Disciples have a passion to Disciple others.

Curriculum is Free: We are a Non Profit 501c3 that is able to do what we do by the faithful financial sponsors to the ministry.

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Are you a Pastor of a Church?

Churches discipleship programs would thrive by using the Natural Discipleship platform as their core method for equipping the members of their body to do the work of the ministry. Natural Discipleship works best when the Pastor first takes his leadership team through the program. The leadership team then takes their main leaders through the program and on and on it goes. Natural Discipleship allows your church congregation to disciple each other and grow deeper with each other, while furthering the Kingdom of God.